Ultrasonic surgery Piezo 



Features :

  High Output and Improved Patient Safety  More Stable Output Based on technology of design and 

  manufacture of piezo materials

  Diverse Tip Application Including Patented Tip (HPISE)

  Top level Water Infusion  maximum water supplies of 100 ml/min, bone heating minimized. 

  Multi-function & Ergonomically Designed Foot S/W The multi-function switch 


Applications : 

  Implant Surgery

  Oral Surgery

  Periodontal Surgery

  Maxillofacial Surgery


Specifications : 

  Operating Frequency - 23~29Khz

  Dimension - 300(W)*100(H)*300(D)mm

  Input Voltage - AC 230, AC 115

  Input Frequency - 50~60hz

  Water Pump - 10~100ml/min (5 level  control)



  Generator Unit, Hand piece,  Foot Switch,  Tips - Patented Tips(5ea) & Normal Tips(5ea)

  Sterilization Tray,  Torque wrench, Tip holder,  Fluid infusion Set